The benefits of adding a conservatory to your home are countless, such as an extra room bathed in natural light all year round. Whether it be used as a cosy living area, children's play area or simply an extension to your lounge or kitchen. Lindsey Windows offer a range of conservatories to suit your property and lifestyle.

Lindsey Windows can undertake the whole build process from foundations, brickwork to the final installation. If you wish we can also lay the flooring and paint the walls.

Conservatories can offer you a wide range of benefits such as:

During these economical times adding a conservatory to your home could actually be cheaper than the costs of moving to a larger property. Additionally adding a conservatory can be more affordable in comparison to  a standard extension.
A well built conservatory really is an investment and will increase the value of your whole property, making it more attractive to potential future buyers.


Very often the driving force behind people investing in a conservatory is the need for added space. Conservatories are a fantastic way of adding another room to the ground floor of your home.


Being able to enjoy your garden all year round are one of the greatest benefits of having a conservatory. Here in the UK we do not have warm sun all year round, however when we do, we like to make the most of it. By adding a conservatory to your property you give yourself the ability to enjoy the sun even if it is chilly outside.

Where to build it ?

Conservatories have traditionally been built onto the back of properties, leading out to the garden or patio, however it is possible to build them on the side or the front. As conservatoires are often designed to feel part of the garden they are almost exclusively built on ground floor level.
Different aspects bring with them different advantages and disadvantages and careful consideration should be given to the direction of your conservatory at the planning stage.

East Facing - This will get the sun in the morning. It will not overheat in the middle of the day or evening.
West Facing - This will get the sun from late afternoon.
North Facing - At this direction you will get the sun at the start of the day.
South Facing - This is an excellent position for catching the sun overhead in the summer months.